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Wholesale Diesel

Regal Oil, Inc. is one of the leading wholesale diesel suppliers in West Texas. Since 1981, we have supplied the highest quality on-road and off-road diesel fuels to satisfy the demanding nature of a wide variety of industries, such as retail, commercial, agricultural, industrial, and construction. From ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) for road use to off-road dyed diesel fuel for tractor use, we carry all grades to keep your business in motion.


We understand that your business can’t afford downtime. Because we own and operate our own fleet of transportation trucks (5 transports and 2 bobtails), we have a proven track record of delivering diesel fuel on time and efficiently. With a history spanning 75 years, we are positioned to serve all your bulk diesel needs.

Contact us today to learn how Regal Oil, Inc. can add value to your diesel fuel delivery needs in West Texas.

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