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Wholesale Kerosene

Regal Oil, Inc. has been delivering superior wholesale kerosene solutions to farmers and commercial businesses in the San Angelo, TX area for more than 30 years. Our diverse portfolio of clients throughout Texas know they can rely on us for industry-leading service and quality, on-time deliveries of kerosene fuel when they need it, where they need it.


Our certified K-1 kerosene fuel is specifically formulated to fulfill the requirements of almost every type of farming equipment, and protect engines under the most extreme conditions. As a Regal Oil partner, you'll have the right people and resources to help you expand your market reach and stay ahead of the competition today and tomorrow. If you need an experienced, reliable kerosene distributor to haul your fuel products, trust us to meet all of your kerosene fuel demands.


Let us help your business grow with customized, comprehensive fuel services today by calling (325) 658-7521.

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