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Bulk Fuel Delivery

Regal Oil Bulk Diesel-Unleaded Transport 1

Revolutionize your fueling experience with Regal Oil Inc.'s exceptional service of delivering bulk diesel or gasoline directly to your operation's location. Our dedicated bobtail and transport fleet are equipped to deliver onsite, ensuring that your fleet never faces downtime. Whether you require 500 gallons for your tractor or 7,400 gallons for your transportation fleet, our team is committed to keeping your operations in constant motion.

Our bobtails operate within a 100-150 mile radius around San Angelo, TX, ensuring timely and reliable deliveries. Meanwhile, our extensive transport fleet covers a broad range, reaching from San Antonio to Hobbs, New Mexico, and everywhere in between. What sets us apart is our ability to pull from multiple fuel terminals, guaranteeing a consistent supply even when others may face shortages.

Regal Oil Inc. is not just a bulk diesel and gasoline supplier; we are your dedicated partner in ensuring that your fuel needs are met seamlessly, allowing your fleet to stay on the road and operations running without interruption. Trust us to deliver quality fuel, precisely when and where you need it.