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Farm Trailer Tank Filling

Regal Oil Farm Trailer Tank Filling

Regal Oil Inc. is attuned to the unique needs of agriculture, especially the vast scope of work involved in planting and plowing expansive West Texas landscapes. Recognizing the challenges posed by the distances between tractors and fuel trailer tanks, the risk of theft in open areas, and the need for mobility to adapt to changing job requirements, we offer a tailored solution for our customers.

Our service includes the option for customers to fill their farm trailer tanks conveniently. You can choose to fill your trailer tanks at our San Angelo office bulk plant, providing a centralized and secure location. Alternatively, our specialized bobtails are equipped to deliver fuel directly to your site, ensuring that your equipment stays fueled and mobile. At Regal Oil Inc., we understand the intricacies of agricultural operations, and our flexible options empower you to optimize fueling strategies according to your specific needs.