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Absorb-N-Dry- 50lb bag

Absorb-N-Dry- 50lb bag 1

Absorb-N-Dry- 50lb bag


Absorb-N-Dry is an all-purpose sanitary maintenance product that is efficient and easy to use. 
It enhances safety and cleanliness in the workplace. 
For Use In:
  • Industrial Plants: Spillage of acids, solvents, syrups, grease and oil quickly absorb.
  • Service Stations and Garages: Removes oil and grease from floors and driveways.
  • Machine Shops: Absorbs oil around lathes, drill press, etc.
  • Drive Ways
  • Grease Pits: Prevents slippage and absorbs grease from floors, helps prevent flash fires.
  • Athletic Fields
  • Kennels
  • Poultry Houses
  • Icy Weather (Traction)
  • Also used in: Canning plants, cage houses, tanneries, packaging plants, textile mills, etc. 


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